Locate Before Route


by Intrado

Location-Based Routing for Wireless 911 Callers Has Arrived

Intrado is committed to driving innovation and improving 911 call delivery. Our new Locate Before Route technology improves both speed and accuracy in location identification for wireless 911 calls. This industry-first solution transforms the way ECCs and PSAPs route emergency response personnel by partnering with a Tier 1 wireless carrier to provide accurate location information directly from the caller's mobile device. Previously, wireless calls made to 911 were limited to cell tower location to pinpoint the caller’s approximate location at the time of the call. 

Features and Highlights

  • Industry-first technology focused on improving safety outcomes
  • Utilizes GPS and Device-Based Hybrid(DBH) data to provide more accurate mobile handset location to PSAPs
  • Reduces the need for wireless calls to be transferred between PSAPs, resulting in fewer delays and faster emergency responses. This is especially important when wireless 911 calls are made within border areas where county or city PSAP boundaries overlap

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